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Happy Torrents Day 2016!

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Well a big hello to all kickasstorrents community and of course all our anonymous visitors using and viewing our site....

As you know the day is upon us again to share in the celebrations and celebrate our special day around the world, yes that's right it's the 30th of March and Torrents Day 2016 is here!!!

Let's have everyone around the world remember why we are here, so upload and download until your hearts content today. Put some weight on our servers....

We have lots of things happening for this special year 5 of Torrents Day and all can be seen here. Thread: Happy Torrents Day 2016 - 30th March [Year 5]

We have been donated 500Gb of seedbox space for those users that do not have a seedbox to have them individually uploaded on this special occasion courtesy of our friends at seedplease so a big thank you to the team over there. So if you wish to join in the upload challenge and gain some reputation in the process please feel free to do so here Thread: Happy Torrents Day 2016 - 30th March - Users Upload Challenge after all, this is what the days all about.

Also over the years we have had our Torrents Day- The Album created with all your favourite tracks where you "The user" can have added with your username to The Album but sadly our good friend and favourite music uploader Bubanee189.56K has stepped away from uploading.

But now we have it continuing with another famous and experienced uploader SirSeedsAlot132.84K with his tag that is well known all over the Torrent World with his high quality (Big Papi) tag. This torrent can be downloaded from here image

The Album Cover has also been created in dedication to all from around the world that have lost loved ones due to recent incidents. And I think you will all agree that the hoping of peace is always on our mind and that one day it will all end. It's been a sad year with also us losing a close friend to the site and one of our moderators Smittech141.47K passing away so the cover was created with all this in mind. Yes him and his giraffes lol.. So thanks to DethHolly68.99K for the awesome art work...


But today is a day of celebrating... So plenty of smiles and if you would like to download any of the previous Torrents Day albums please note they can also be found by clicking here

Also we have many achievements which will be released for the special day including the main one below just for logging in.


And much much more.....

So from all Team Kickass

We wish you all from around the world a very
Happy Torrents Day 2016!!

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Blog: Happy Torrents Day 2016!

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What an EXCELLENT community this KAT is.

Treating everyone like a family, helping each other, celebrating with each other and enjoying together.

As soon as I read this post I remembered the day when I first made an account in this site I was skeptical about it. I thought it will be like all other torrent sites a few good men/women trying to help others and all the others just basking in THEIR glory and not even acknowledging the TRUE PEOPLE who are here 24/7 for help.

But as I became more and more active in this site slowly and slowly I discovered it is very different from others. It almost a happy world. A happy world which I cant explain why makes me happy.

Happy World not in the sense that you get thousands of torrent no. You can get them on other sites too.

But a happy world in the sense the INSTITUTION on which it is build. The roots of KAT are firmly rooted to the ground. They know exactly who are they, where they came from, for what they came forward for.

Look around - - - - the website is full of helpful posts.
Not only for beginners but also for the Masters. Moderators, KAT-Staff and what not. There is comedy, drama, seriousness, playfulness.
Each and everyday as I log into this website again and again and I'm sure I'll see or witness something new. Something helpful, something to remember, something which I would not have a chance to witness if I was anywhere on the World Wide Web.

Sometimes I just go to other websites just to see the difference there is between KAT and them. And its like just unbelievable how incredibly vast the difference is !!

Helping People is one thing but Helping People such that it puts a genuine smile on their face is a whole lot of different. It is just like the difference between the crest of the mount Everest and the trough of Mariana trench.


From a NOVICE to a Veteran

This website ..... This Kickass Torrent ..... This KAT

Understands the TRUE MEANING of P2P in its PUREST FORM!!!!

THANK YOU KAT. biggrin

Happy Torrents Day.

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127 torrents standing by in my seedbox readypiratepiratepirate
Happy Torrents Day!
You guys are amazing! A huge complement to everyone who makes this site a BETTER site. KAT rocks!!

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