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Look, mama, I'm popular!

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Hello guys,

we wanted to share our concerns with you.

We all know that KAT is widely known and popular web site, with an amazing community, needless to say:)

But here is the dark side of this popularity, while we are doing our best in order to keep our site nice and cozy there are bunch of lazy bastards who are simply decided to copycat us.

They are stealing our design and our name with the only purpose of misleading people.

Some of them are selling ridiculously expensive VPNs on our behalf, some are throwing malicious ads, some are trying to sell various subscriptions, others simply gathering user passwords and so on. All of them are trying to cheat people in various ways.

On our side we are working on the solution that will allow us to ban those impersonators and copycats. And we kindly ask you to check what site you are visiting and what links you are clicking, if you are not seeing http://kikass.to or any of our safe proxies on your address bar then you are not visiting genuine KAT. You can even report those questionable sites to their hosting service providers.

Please remain vigilant.


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Blog: Look, mama, I'm popular!

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Always vigilant. Thank you, Mr.White.

The word needed to be spread even through these means. I'm trying to help by educating our new users.
I hope people stay alert and learn to avoid those bad sites which will consequently make them disappear with time.
Set readiness alert to DEFCON 2.
Set conditional awareness level to Orange.
All leave is canceled.
Return to base.
Carry on. rofl
Hup hup rock
Mama said there would be days like this!! tittertitter
We will remain vigilant in protecting our beloved site. Thanks for the update.

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Nicely put no one will be able to out smart this site we so many.thumb_uppunchchuckle
happy birthday to all moms today
Thanks for inform us we will vigilant. A great site http://kikass.to i love you KT
i thought kickass was hacked by government now i understand why they give pop ups
oooww so thats why all of those sites where having pop ups
Seems like today everybody has a scam of some sort. They are now using the phone to get into your computer. The newest one I've had was a man with a heavy Indian accent say he was calling from 'Microsoft Support Services' & they had received a report that my computer was infected with a virus which was dangerous because it would enable them to access my personal information, credit card information etc.. They tell me they are calling to help me get rid of the virus but they need to have remote access to my computer. At this point the red lights start to go off & I ask him why he can't just walk me through it & he tells me there are too many things I could do accidentally that would mess-up my computer. Well, I told him he didn't have to worry because if I was savvy enough to 'root' both my phone & my tablet then I thought I was pretty safe & if he would just tell me where the virus was located I would take care of it. He went round and round like he was reading off a card with something to say for every response I was giving him (probably was!!). I finally had enough and told him I was sick to death of getting creeps from India calling trying to scam me out of my hard earned money and it's a damned shame the earthquake that hit over there didn't get them all. I know it was a little harsh but I've been hit with the IRS scam with them telling me I was going to be arrested within the next hour and they were calling from the IRS Internal Investigation Department & I had not replied to their calls for the problems with my taxes & that I had one option left and that was to go & buy some special bank card & pay them $4,500.00 within the hour or I would be arrested. I had heard of this scam before and was laughing my 'arse' off by the time he finished his little spiel. I told him I'd be waiting with 2 glasses and a bottle of whiskey for the cops. We could all celebrate when I turned them in because I had their location on my 'off duty policeman's computer' because I was a cop myself and I knew no one was coming to arrest me but I did have access to our governments tracking software which was very sophisticated which is why I knew they never called any of our government offices directly because they knew we would know their location immediately. Then I told him he really messed-up big time and there would be authorities at his door within a short time probably before he hung-up with me because they had tracked him ad were verifying now. He hung-up so fast saying sshheeeeeitttt! Couldn't believe he fell for that whole line of crap but then it's ok for him to call & try to get me to fall for his line of crap & to try to scare me into paying him over four grand? I reported the call to my favorite call tracing site so others could look up the number & know it wasn't a real call, just a scam and do you know those suckers put me on a monitor now all my posts have to be pre approved because I told them I told the Indian scammer I was disappointed the earthquake didn't get them all. Hell, the first thing the scam warning pages tell you is that most of the calls are coming from India and if you hear a heavily accented Indian caller from a company or a government office you are not involved with then they are likely a scammer. Go figure.
Just be careful today folks. They're out there in droves and it gets worse every day. I get so many calls a day from these fools, I just ignore the number now if I don't recognize it & I don't feel like having a laugh at their expense. They get really mad when you play along with them & waste THEIR time.
God Bless all!
Its not anyone's fault but yours. Don't visit untrusted sites, and change ur phone number if you keep getting calls.
At least you got a laugh out of it and had a good time trolling the troll.

Thanks for bringing this up, I once got hit by a phishing site and got some of my stuff stolen. I hope other people won't be fooled by such scams. Have a nice day and thank you KAT staff!
Copycats (kikass.to) also hate Copycat. LOL. What on Earth!
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