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Summer updates [September, 1]

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Good day our dear KAT citizens, here is a short summary for you of what we've done lately.

We have a new tracker refresh mechanism aka 'Scraper', you'll might notice that we do not show individual tracker stats in the Torrent Technical Tab, but don't get upset, new Scraper will update torrent's seeders and leechers info automatically on a constant basis, like in the real time, the most popular torrents will get the most frequent refreshes, way better and prompt than our previous manual refresh method.

We've created new uploader status Elite Uploader, you cannot ask for it, but you can be recommended to become one, so if you see an Elite Uploader marked with a purple star, it means that you are looking at an original content provider and not torrent dumper.

A small but useful site trust check. Now, on the external link confirmation screen you will see site reputation mark that shows whether you can trust this web site or not, this simple action aims to protect you from phishing attempts and keep your sensitive data secure.
Always keep in mind that internal site links never require confirmation.

Also we are now using StopForumSpam API to keep our community clean.

And a lot of bug fixes, security fixes, new achievements, amazing retina icons, several new languages (thanks to our devoted translators), youtube bbcode tag, mobile chat and...well, you name it.


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Blog: Summer updates [September, 1]

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Just as a word of advice, Web of Trust has 4 categories:

1. Green - Site is trustworthy
2. Orange - Site is suspicious
3. Red - Site is not trustworthy
4. White - There hasn't been enough ratings to decide

Please note that the rating is for the domain (i.e kikass.to) itself, not the specific page that you are going to - you should always be careful when sent filesharing and external torrent links.

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Yet again, another set of great updates to this already brilliant torrent site.yes
I would just like to point out that an Elite Uploader only uploads original content, whereas a Verified Uploader uploads a mixture of original & relisted (dumped) content.smile
Basically, both are trusted, valued uploaders of good torrents on this site.biggrin

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Thank you and all the Techs for the work you do
Clearer/Better quality images, mostly used for mobiles.

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Thank you very much for all the community working together to make things free.

Blog: Summer updates [September, 1]
Oh damn, just when I thought KAT couldn't get any better than what it already is. Thank you for providing me wrong guys, especially those people behind-the-scenes, putting stuff together so they can work and function all together! Have a nice day and bye, dear KAT netizens! lol

Edit : I don't quite see the difference between uploading original content and relisted (dumped) content. I am new so all of this stuff is hard for me to grasp or understand.

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Dear kat
I could not use your website. it says- “Your requested URL has been blocked as per the directions received from Department of Telecommunications, Government of India. Please contact administrator for more information.”
And so it grows.... :(

Set readiness alert to DEFCON 2.
Set conditional awareness level to Orange.
All leave is canceled.
Return to base.
Carry on. rofl
Hup hup rockinlovechucklebiggrinloltittertongue
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